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HD Screen Cleaner
Sonic Shock Alarm
When you choose to work with Inre Media, you are not just purchasing a product or service; you are creating a relationship that will help deliver a great guest experience. Our primary goal is to insure your TV installation is professionally managed, your guest isnít disturbed and your property isnít inconvenienced. In addition to managing your TV installation, we offer many of the products to upgrade or add-on to your TV system or media needs.

Pro:Centric and Reach Servers
FMA-LG101 FTG Management tool
Digital Media player
HD Channel Modulators
Channel Insertion Devices
Digital Signage
RF Jumper Cables
HDMI, Component Composite, S-Video Cables
A/V furniture
Wall Mounts & Wall Plates
Wire/Power Management (Wood or Vinyl Molding)
Power Strips/Surge Protectors
Connectivity Panels/Remote Jack Pack
Security Tethers
USB Outlet Adaptor Plate
Brush Plates
Clean Remote
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